July 17th, 2002

S&G 1

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Ah, what a nice morning. Too bad it's supposed to get up to 80 again. I was hoping for some rain, but the forecast changed so that it's getting back up into the 90s by the beginning of next week. I wonder if this is a hotter year than usual, or if I'm just a wuss this summer. It's too darn hot.

Last night, Cory came home. He had written to me in the afternoon, saying "I'm going home now!" and for a minute I was disappointed, until I realized that home means MY house now! He got there ten minutes after I did, and we took Remmy out to the park and then went to Petco to buy a comb to get the burrs out of her fur, and went to Michaels (why don't they have an apostrophe before the s?) to get a crochet hook. They didn't have any G's. How annoying. Then we went to Red Robin and had good burgers and fries. I need to stop buying alcohol when I'm there. I think it's still a novelty to me or something. Anyway, we had a short evening, during which I got motivation to get laundry folded and some more stuff put away. (As soon as Remmy finds out that I put her toys away into her toy box, she gets them all out, one by one, and scatters them around the room again. GRR.) Cory was really really tired, and I felt bad for him. We got to bed a little late because we were watching stupid TV shows, and then he left before I was fully awake this morning when it was still dark. Tonight he sleeps at the office again, and tomorrow sometime he gets to come home, hopefully this time for the weekend. This telecommuting thing had better work itself out soon, for the good of both of us!