July 19th, 2002

S&G 1


I'm all bruised and swollen and uncomfortable today. My feet still hurt from those stupid shoes. And last night, Cory and I were chasing Remmy around the house and she ran smack into my knee with her head. I heard her teeth clank together when she did it. I couldn't lay on my belly last night because my knee hurt when it touched the bed, and this morning it's all swollen. There's no bruise yet, though. What a mess I am today.

Plus, it looks as though I'll have nothing to do yet again today. When I called Mom the other day, she said "just ask if you can sweep or something!" it was funny.

I'm getting a kitten! Well, WE're getting a kitten. A lady from the distribution center has a cat who just had kittens, and I've got the dark grey one reserved (I think). They're only 3 days old, though, so it'll be awhile before I get it. I'm excited!!!

Tonight's the housewarming party. I hope Cory has time to straighten up before I get home. Jesse, are you coming?
S&G 1

Warning: work rant ahead!

I just had a conversation with Donnita about Nan. I'm trying to decide whether to mention anything to Lisa about it, because she always seems to brush it off when I tentatively bring up the subject. I'm really not that good at telling on coworkers. :) I did email Lisa a few weeks ago, letting her know that Nan locks the mailroom computer when she's not there, so that I can't get in and print anything out if I need to (this computer isn't hooked up to a printer and probably won't be), and Donnita can't get in there either, and she works in there all the time. It's her computer too. But I never got any response from her. I'm afraid that if I go to her and say "Nan keeps locking the mailroom computer, and she's badmouthing me and Donnita to at least the front desk if not everybody in the entire company, and she keeps yelling at me to stop doing certain things that I KNOW are OK to do (things like escorting repair people up to the mailroom when Nan's at lunch, etc.)" she won't do anything about it. She's a wuss when it comes to having to tell people what's what, I think. We already had that huge blowout way back in October, when the director of HR had to come in and interview each of us to figure out what the hell was going on. And she was told to shape up, but she barely speaks to me (except when she's saying "don't do that!!") and is still awfully rude to both Donnita and I. Thank goodness I don't work in there all the time. But I still don't know what to do.

I could go up to the department manager, but I doubt she'll listen much to me. She'd probably tell me to go to Lisa. I could go to HR, but if Nan didn't get fired, she'd probably be worse to me then than she already is - she's mad at me in the first place because in October when we were all being interviewed, I told it like it was, which put her in the wrong.

So, in the end, I'll probably say nothing and suffer. And so will Donnita - she had to double her medication dosage so she could continue to work there. Ugh.