July 25th, 2002

S&G 1

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What a boring day on LJ. Lucky for me I've got stuff to do.

New work drama. It's not quite over yet, but I'll write it down anyway.

We all know how much Nan hates my guts. She's working for Donnita this week so she leaves at 2 and I go in after she leaves until I go home. On Monday, I was wondering about some boots that I ordered for a friend of mine who's leaving for Japan soon for a year. I had ordered them a few weeks ago and hadn't heard anything about them. I found the invoice in a pile to be delivered on Thursday (today) and left it there. I was planning on grabbing it last night, but I forgot. This morning, the invoices were distributed - all but mine. I looked in the mailroom to see if it was on a counter somewhere so I could take it, but it was gone. So I emailed Nan with a cc to Lisa and asked if either of them had seen it. Of course, Nan hasn't emailed back yet, but Lisa said she hadn't seen it. I admitted to Lisa that I knew it was supposed to be delivered to me today, and that I knew the rest of them went out at 10am today, but I have yet to hear from her about that. I am itching to catch Nan in the act of keeping things from me - Donnita told me last week that I had a phone message but when I went in to check it, it was gone. Ugh. I hope Lisa actually takes this seriously and does something about it.