July 31st, 2002


Take THAT!

Cory stayed up extra late to finish the pictures of our new place and put them up here:


I tried to have the patience and good humor to scan them in and cut them down to size, but I just couldn't do it. I got rather annoyed. So Cory did it. Then he proceeded to clean them up in Photoshop. I tried to make him stop, but you can't stop a graphic designer from making pictures look good, I guess. So I went to bed before he did.

And now I leave in five minutes and I haven't done a thing with my hair. Eek!
S&G 1


Jenny deleted her journal?! :( :( :(
I didn't get her email address, either. Now I'm frantically trying to find her friends to see if they have it. Sadness! Come back, Jenny!