August 6th, 2002

S&G 1

Being engaged is so much fun!

I got such a kick out of showing the PR and promotions girls my engagement ring. They all hugged me and shrieked and generally reacted the way I thought they would. It's so cute. And everybody thinks I'm Superwoman for coming to work today. Little do they know that I have barely done anything. I can't concentrate! I keep thinking about things I have to do and people I have to call and the thing's not for another year. Jeez. But I can't help it. And it makes me so happy when I hear Cory's voice on the phone because he sounds really happy too, and that makes me even more happy. Last night he woke me up because he was laughing, but he wouldn't answer me when I asked him what was funny. He was asleep too. He told me the dream but I can't remember it. All I remember is him laughing through his nose and shaking the bed. :)