August 7th, 2002

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So, last night I asked Rachel to be my maid of honor. She wants to do it, but her cousin's getting married on July 19th too, and they've already booked their spot. So now I need to change MY date. I thought about changing it to the Saturday before, but that's still a LOT of time and money she'll have to give up in a very short length of time. So now I'm thinking maybe the end of June... Maybe the 21st or something... but that means there'll be a chance of rain...

Fate must want me to be stressed out. I refuse to be stressed out over this. :)
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What I've done at work today


...eaten a waffle with blueberries on it
...dropped a blueberry onto my pants
...cleaned my pants email, written email, read LJ, written in LJ
...hung up 20 youth jackets about the tour of Rent (it's not coming here this year)
...checked email and found nothing
...looked for little jobs and found nothing
...signed up at and realized I can't do anything with it because I need Cory to help with all plans

All that in 2.5 hours. My, what an exciting job I have. I know this sounds bad, but I wish someone would get sick and leave so I could do something.

I do have a job for later in the day, a copy project (woo.), and from now until then I guess I'll just look for places to get married. Anyone have any suggestions?
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This is the epitome of disappointment:

I was waiting ALL WEEK for my cafeteria to have turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce. ALL WEEK. Yeah, it's only Wednesday, but I waited ALL MONDAY and ALL TUESDAY for this sandwich. So I go in today, all excited-like, ready to order my turkey sandwich, and THEY'RE NOT SERVING IT! They're serving a TURKEY WALDORF SANDWICH INSTEAD!