August 23rd, 2002

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I can already tell this day is going to go by extremely sloooooowwwwwwwwly. How annoying. Maybe I'll be able to leave early. After all, Nena's not here today, so she can't give me any new work!

We think Joel'll be here tonight sometime. Then on Saturday we're going to go to our Cottonwood campground again (this time with tent poles!) and camp, and on Sunday we'll go to Cory's family reunion! And then NEXT weekend we have MY family reunion to go to. Lots of family reunions. No time for looking at state parks. Speaking of wedding plans, though, if anyone has any good ideas for favors I could make, let me know.

Fridays are my least favorite days. I think I've already said that once or twice.

I hope Joel gets here after I go home - I have all sorts of laundry I want to finish first. Visitors don't get the pleasure of seeing underwear all over the floor. :P
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A conversation I just had:

Jan: I heard you're getting married.
Me: I am!
Jan: How old are you?!
Me: 22...
Jan: You are?! When I heard, I thought "she's just a baby!"
Me: (polite smile)
Jan: So when is it?
Me: Next summer.
Jan: It's a gorgeous ring.
Me: Thanks! He did a good job!
Jan: So he was the guy you were hanging on yesterday, huh?
Me: That was him!

The guy I was hanging on. Hahaha

The girl in the cafeteria this morning asked if the guy I was with yesterday was Cory. She said "you guys are so cute together!" I read somewhere that people think you're a cuter couple if you're holding hands in public. I wonder why that is...
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I came up to get my wallet to have lunch, and found that they're doing a photo shoot in the empty office across from me. Tim (the CEO) is in a parka, standing on the desk with his foot up on the monitor. It's kinda funny.