August 24th, 2002

S&G 1

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I'm hot. I have cold sores or something. They're uncomfortable. Joel would be here by now if he'd started at a normal time. :P We're going to the Granholm/Ryan family reunion thing tomorrow, up in Wapato. It should be fun. Then next weekend we have a Myers family reunion. Lots of family to meet, especially since neither of us are going to remember most of the people at our own reunion. Ha.

I'm having a jack and coke. I put in too much jack. I can feel my legs getting tingly already. I keep thinking I'm hungry but it hasn't been that long since I've eaten. But my belly must be empty - I've only had a few sips.

I took all day yesterday to put every entry friends-only. It was kinda tedious, but kinda fun at the same time because I got to see how pathetic I was before Cory. :)

I'm going to start cross-stitching some Christmas stockings for us. Yay for Christmas in August! I should put on some Christmas music to put me in the mood to start these stockings.