August 29th, 2002

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What a silly, weepy girl I can be. Last night I went home half an hour early so I could get more practice time in before going to choir. When I got home and checked Trimet's web page, I realized I was going to have an hour to practice AND find a black binder AND feed Cory and myself AND get myself down the street to the bus stop, and I started crying. Cory saved me - even though he had so much to do last night, he went to Office Depot and bought a black binder for me and then stopped at Burger King and brought me dinner (with a frozen lemonade... I love that he knows what I like) so I could practice while he was gone. I was still REALLY nervous, though. Then Cory drove me to the church in NE that we were having the rehearsal at, and I felt much better. I blend really well with the other sopranos, and have (mostly) good confidence in hitting the high notes. I didn't have to have those two pieces memorized - we just went through all the pieces so we could see what they sounded like. They're lots better than I thought. Much more lyrical. Cory stayed the whole time, and got his creative juices flowing out on the porch. He stayed up a few hours after we got home to start the designs he'd thought of. I don't know what I would have done without him last night. It really hit me that he loves me and would do anything for me (even though I knew it before), and it felt really really good.

Today: more work, and then applesauce when I get home. And an early bedtime.
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It's your favorite bucket-o-funk, Hot-Wedding-Ho69!

So, today was fun. I like it when work is fun. I did some front-desk stuff, and was supposed to have a meeting with the PR girls but they're in another meeting that's going way over so I'm sticking around until 4:30 and then I'm outta here. Nena did come out, though, to get me up to speed on what she's doing, and mentioned that they're probably eventually going to try to hire me into their department!!! That's exciting. Lotsa money for Meggie! And it's so much cooler to say (a la Sliding Doors) "I'm in PR!" than to say "I'm a facilities assistant!" ("What's that?" "Well... I'm a floater.")

Looked at more dress patterns today, too. I don't know why I do it. They all look the same anyway. Corset, ball skirt. Corset, ball skirt. Corset, ball skirt. And an occasional empire waisted a-line thrown in for kicks.

Must deposit returned deposit check from old place tonight. Must find apples to make applesauce with since Cory gave most of the rest to his friend, who dropped by. Must grocery shop. Must clean out car. I'm excited to have a non-nervous, non-scrambling evening. And an early bedtime. How many times have I mentioned that now? Ha.
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By the way... you know how hard it is to learn how to only make one space between sentences when all your life you've put in two? It's harder when you type really fast.