August 30th, 2002

S&G 1

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OK, so McDonald's was my idea, but I wish it wasn't. Listen to this nice story:

Cory and I wanted to take a quick trip to get dinner, since I was in the middle of making zucchini bread and he was working. So while the zucchini was being drained, we ran to McDonalds. We went through the drive-through because it was faster. When we got up to the pick-up window, the girl said "can you pull up to that spot over there? The fries aren't ready yet." So we did. In a few minutes, she ran them out to us. There was no milkshake, which I'd ordered to go along with my Big Mac meal. So I went inside, figuring I'd get in and out in a second. I got behind a couple who were ordering 12 different meals for their exchange students. The guy talked to me for a bit, telling me that he and his wife were dorm parents for these exchange students who were running all over the place, and they were on their way from the Pendleton area to the beach for a field trip. Anyway, when they were finally finished with their little last-minute orders ("oh, can you add another Big Mac to that? Oh, now so-and-so knows what she wants, here, take her order too...") I finally had a chance to talk to the cashier dude. I told him I didn't get my milkshake, so he started one for me, which came out a very dark, unnatural-looking pink. He tried to fix it, but couldn't, so he called his coworker, who tried to fix it and then called their manager, who tried to fix it too. She finally started to give me a refund, until I told her that it was part of my meal, and then she offered me a super-size pop.

So the whole going-through-the-drive-through thing took about twenty minutes. Ack.