September 2nd, 2002

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Ah, I love it when I go out for a weekend and come back and still have a whole day to clean and unpack and do laundry!

On Saturday morning, we went to my grandma's house in Salem so we could follow her to the house in Silverton that was having the reunion. I saw lots of people that I sort of kind of knew, and people that I didn't remember, and people like my aunt that I hoped I'd have more time to hang out with but that's hard when there's fifty people that she hasn't seen in fifteen years sitting all around her.

We had lunch and everybody loved my tomatoes and applesauce (well, Mike's tomatoes and my applesauce), and I talked wedding a little bit with Mom and everybody else (by that time, all the little family units kind of separated so they could chat with the people they were going to actually see again in the near future). Then in the evening, we all trickled back into Salem, where Mom and Tia and I went to the fabric store and looked at patterns and were disappointed with the very small selection of wedding fabric, and then we went out to pizza for dinner with a bunch of other family people. Then Haley and Cory and I headed back up to the reunion site and camped there. I got really hot halfway through the night (probably from the bad sunburn I got that day) and woke up a few times. One of those times, the moon was refracting through some clouds (I think) and it made a huge X in the sky, with the moon right in the middle. It was weird.

On Sunday, we had a few hours to hang out and be peaceful. Haley went down to the pond and played with frogs and got stuck in the mud, and Cory and I talked and sat in the sun and I cross-stitched. We hung out with people more when they started showing up. We had a mini devotional, where the older people talked about Ray and Myrtle, the people who owned that house (I think it's my grandma's husband's parents, or his grandparents, or something) and played Bingo, where I won a hideous little wreath made out of twigs and plastic pussy willows and painted with white splatter to look like snow. And there was glitter on it too. I wore it on my head and put the tissue paper it was wrapped with on the back of it so it looked like a veil. It was pretty scary.

I talked wedding a bit more with Mom and Haley and sort of Dennis and Cory, and when everybody else left to visit a few graves and the house that Ray and Myrtle built in the '40s, Cory and I went to Corvallis. I like Corvallis. We moved stuff out of his old office into his new cube, and took some stuff home. I had one of those new Starbucks Creme Frappucinos, which was OK. Then we drove back up here and played around until bedtime.

I'm sure y'all were excited to read that.

Today, I'm going to hang out with Rachel if all goes well. I haven't talked wedding stuff with her yet. I think I'm going to have to take the hour-long bus ride to her house, though, which'll suck. I'll have to transfer twice. Oh well. And there's lots of laundry to do and straightening up and all that fun stuff.

There's leftover smoked salmon in the fridge that I just remembered! Yay!
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New email address (finally)

Thanks for the input, those of you who input-ed. My new email address is rivulet at Now I have to transfer everybody's stinkin' email addresses over. Boring. I'm very excited at the prospect of having no spam. Although that means I won't ever get any email. Haha