September 10th, 2002

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OK, so I know that Hotmail sells access past its junk mail filters. Now that I've changed my email address, I want to be able to have them automatically reply to my email, but I'm worried that their bots will find the new email address and spam it too. Am I safe, d'ya think?
S&G 1

My dress, in bits and pieces

OK, so I know that my dress will be an empire waist with this neckline (but not the sleeves):

with the chiffon ruching across the shoulders/over the neckline and the ruching down to the waist (just under my breasts), as well as the chiffon overlay (without the ruching down the front) that extands past the hem of the main body (satin?) of the dress like this:

and a skirt's fullness kinda like the one on the left of the three here: