September 15th, 2002

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Yesterday I saw Rach for the first time in a month. She kept losing my phone number so when I called and left messages for her to call me, she couldn't. Ha. Anyway, we figured out a better way to get to Milo McIver State Park and went there, grabbing some Safeway sandwiches on the way. We had a picnic in an area that was nice, but not what I was looking for. But we kept driving around, and found a PERFECT place for the wedding. There's a large parking lot right there, and you go over a little wooden bridge (there was no water under it when we were there) and see a long skinny clearing that could be used for the ceremony, and then up a little rise and behind some trees is the picnic shelter. It had moss and ferns growing on its roof, and it was round with a post in the middle along with the six or so posts around the eaves. There's a sink and electricity, and enough tables for everyone to sit at. It's gorgeous. I'm so excited now!!! I have all sorts of decorating ideas now that I've seen the place!

Today we're hoping to buy a new car. We're still figuring out finances for it, though. And I'll get the pictures developed so I can post some. I took like 20 at the park. Haha