October 2nd, 2002

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Not much to write about lately. Don't know why.

Was down at the front desk Monday and Tuesday - Phyllis was gone, and then Julie called in sick. She always calls in sick the day after someone else at the front desk is gone.

Trout is fascinated with water. She loves the sink and when I'm taking a shower, she sits on the edge of the bathtub and watches me. Last week she fell into the bathtub, but I blocked all the water from getting to her so she got out OK. I was afraid she would try to climb up me or something. Ow.

Tonight is choir practice. I need to memorize "The Fly" before then. This weekend I'm going to Salem to do wedding plans and just hang out with Grandma, my mom, and my two aunts. Should be fun. My family is cool. Then next weekend is the choir concert. It'll be odd, because I'm used to overworking pieces, making sure the choir knows them inside and out, and you can't really do that to fourteen pieces in seven rehearsals, no matter how long they are. Oh well.

The cat is on my lap, clawing me. I can always tell when it's time to go to bed and when it's time to wake up - she's a terror.

Cory came in last night in the wee hours. I decided to let him sleep. That means I get ready slower than usual. I ought to step it up. Here I go.

(It's 36 degrees outside right now, so weather.com says!)
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My cat doesn't like catnip.

I've found that when my choir conductor swears, I enjoy choir more. Maybe it's because it's so removed from public school?

I'm sleepy, and my voice is sleepy. I'll have my voice say goodnight for me.