November 5th, 2002

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I finally got a hold of the state parks guy who was going to help me with getting alcohol/noise permits as well as figuring out the parking situation. He didn't help at all, really. He's sending me the alcohol and noise permits, but he said that the only way I can pay for bulk permits is if I pay in advance. That means that I'm going to have to find a way to get the right amount of permits AND send them to people. Argh. If anyone has a better idea than this, let me know:

I'm thinking I'll have to find a nice way to say "if you RSVP, I'll send you a parking permit." Although, I want people to carpool, so that might not work as well. Anyway, then I'll go by the amount of people who RSVP, and if they don't they'll have to pay their own way into the park.