November 7th, 2002

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At about 10am I started wondering why the vet hadn't called me yet. They specifically told me to expect their call sometime in the early afternoon. I don't know why I thought early afternoon could possibly mean 10. Maybe it's because I'm anxious. I keep thinking, I wonder what they're doing to her right now? Are they already sewing her back up? Are they using those little sucky things to suck the blood out of their way while they cut up her insides? :( I'm such a weirdo.

When I dropped her off, they made me fill out a sheet asking if I wanted them to pull any baby teeth or if I wanted them to give her $60 IV fluids to help her recover (HA!), and they decided to give her her dystemper booster and rabies shot while they were at it. So it's going to cost me a LOT of money today. I will soon be poor.

Lisa's gone today, so I don't feel nearly as bad about leaving early or staying at lunch longer so I can pick Trout up and make sure she's comfortable at home. And I'm glad I have the camera so I can take pictures of her in her little white collar. :)

What a quiet day at work. There's almost nothing to do. If the afternoon mail gets here in the next fifteen minutes, I'll be a happy girl.