November 13th, 2002

S&G 1

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When someone gives you wedding advice, do they always give you two pieces of advice? That's what it seemed like tonight at our engagement party. Here's the insight we got:

The length of the marriage is inversely proportionate to the amount of money spent for the wedding.

Get the husband to agree to taking out the trash and mowing the lawn forever so you never have to do it.

You'll fall even deeper in love once you get married.

OK, so I don't remember very many of them. Lots were jokes anyway. Whatever.

I shall now backtrack. Cory and I got up early and got to Corvallis at 8. We had Starbucks and I dropped him off at work and went back up to auntie Stacy's. Stac and I went to Lancaster mall and I got some dress pants and a skirt and some shoes. And a shirt. And then we went to lunch, where I had flautas that made me hurt. I got a pie at Costco so we can see if they're really as good as I hear. Then I went back down and picked Cory up (he had meetings all day) and we went to AJ's and had the engagement party in the basement. We had free drinks and free dinner and everybody had signed a card for us. Now we're home and I'm ready for sleep. Mmm, sleep.

Tomorrow should be Sunday, since today felt like Saturday. Tomorrow's Thursday. I need to remind myself of that when my alarm goes off in the morning so I don't shut it off and sleep in.