November 15th, 2002

S&G 1


Last night, I went home from work around quarter after 4, and noticed a police cruiser in the leasing office's parking lot at home. I went and got Cory and Remmy to take them to the park before I went to SE Portland to visit Rachel (my MOH). When we left ten minutes after I'd gotten home, there were two cruisers blocking the entrance to the south half of the parking lot. I dropped Cory off at the park across the street and went to have Indian food with Rach. When I got back, Cory told me this:

He got back after half an hour of playing with Remmy, and there were seven cruisers blocking the entrance to the entire apartment complex. And there was a big van there, too, full of a SWAT team. He went into the office to ask our manager what was going on, and she didn't know anything besides that they wanted to get into an apartment. She didn't even know which one. That was just before 5. Between 6:30 and 7, Cory went back down to see what else was going on, and there were SWAT teams from Portland, Beaverton, Washington County, and Hillsboro waiting at the entrance, all in their gear with huge guns, chatting and joking amongst themselves. Cory said there were a few guns just lying on the ground unattended. Eek!

When I got back at about 8:30, the parking lot was empty and quiet. But I was sure there'd be something on the news about it this morning. It took me several hours to find out (from my supervisor, who heard it on the radio) that it was a guy who'd robbed a bank in Vancouver, and he and his roommate had barricaded themselves in their apartment and didn't come out until the building (of which there are 10 or so in the complex, each with about 8 apartments) was evacuated. I finally found a news story about it here:

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