December 14th, 2002

S&G 1

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Drove my little self down to Salem today to get my hair dyed back to its (hopefully) normal color. I want to go dark brown, almost black, though. Except it'd probably look funny. I played with Grandma's kitten (she's MUCH more bitey than Trout!) and made cornflake wreath cookies. Yuck. Now I'll enjoy them so much more since I know how hard they are to make (they stick to your fingers).

When I got back from Salem, Cory and I got some holiday lattes and went to Peacock Lane - which opens TOMORROW!!! Dang it. We then drove around U of P because I heard there were a lot of decked-out houses, but whoever told me that was mistaken. Then, since we were in the area, we drove by the building Columbia Sportswear used to be in (up until pretty much the time I started working there) and went to Cathedral park under the St. John's bridge. It's really pretty down there. We let Remmy get muddy and we walked down onto one of those floating dock thingies and looked at the nasty Willamette River. It was pretty. So all in all, it was relaxing, except for when we didn't know where we were going. My fault.

Oh yeah, and we went to rini's party last night. It was fun, but then Cory wasn't feeling well so we left. We didn't know anybody there except Erin and Wil, so it was kinda awkward. On the way back, Cory was feeling well enough for us to go by the house I lived in until I was 7. I hadn't been there for years - it's only one block north of Hawthorne on 37th.

And tomorrow we go to the grand opening of Peet's Coffee on Broadway. We're hoping to get a free bag of coffee beans. Yay for Peet's!