January 9th, 2003

S&G 1

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I had an interesting conversation with the manager of consumer services this afternoon. Here's what he said:

"I just got off the phone. This guy called a few days ago because he sent his jacket to the returns department by UPS 3-day, and we're sending it back ground, and meanwhile he's got no coat to wear. So we decided to be extremely accomodating and we sent him a new shell and liner, with a retail price of about $350, for free. He called back today and wanted to send his free liner in because it didn't fit. When I asked what he wanted me to do about it, since it was a free jacket, he said 'Well, I wear sweatshirts under my parkas, and it makes the sleeves too small. So make your people cut open the sleeves at the seam from wrist to elbow and insert more fleece and sew it back up!'" It apparently took a bit of convincing for the man to realize that we GAVE him a parka, and it didn't matter if he wasn't satisfied with it (he kept saying "I'm not satisfied! You're supposed to make me satisfied!"), nobody in our company was going to alter the $350 parka that he got for free.