February 9th, 2003

S&G 1

The story of us, as told by Cory.

Scene one: we meet.

Scene two: we go to the redwoods and start realizing something.

Scene three: he gives up.

Scene four: I don't let him give up.

Scene five: we must be dating?

Scene six: my mom likes him too!

Scene seven: he contemplates marriage (after 2 months!). (Sorry, it's locked...)

Scene eight: we move in together.

Scene nine: he proposes!! (Sorry, also locked...)

Stay tuned for act two!
S&G 1

(no subject)

Well, looks like playing with Ellen and the pups is out - I haven't heard anything from her... but Cory's almost done working so I might force him to play with me instead!
S&G 1

(no subject)

We just saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It was pretty good, considering the stereotypical I'm-lying-I'm-not-really-in-love-with-you-but-oh-I-just-changed-my-mind storyline. :) But the best part was on the way out, when the Indian guy in front of me turned to his friends and said "You know, de moral of dat story is dat if you're hot, you can do anyting!" - it was so cute!