February 28th, 2003

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So the girl who got the position I applied for in the Marketing department is obviously leaving her position as co-op coordinator. I talked to Cory a bit about it last night, and I wasn't too thrilled about going through the whole interview process again since it wasn't much fun last time. But this morning I went back to the available positions page to look at it again, and I noticed that PR finally opened up a position for an assistant!! It's the one I've been waiting for for many months. So I shall now turn in a resume again.
S&G 1

A poem.

I love my G.
He got me flowers.
Birthday flowers
For my birthday.

They came to work,
Delivered them,
And they said I blushed
When I came to get 'em.

I think some of them
Are freesia
And there's some statis
In there too
And ferns
It's pretty
But the pink ones don't smell.

My G is the best
And you're all jealous
Because I love him
And you can love him too
But he won't love you back.