March 11th, 2003

S&G 1

(no subject)

Jan emailed me this:
I imagine H/R has contacted you by now and let you know I have hired someone else for the coordinator position. Although I really and truly wanted to give you the opportunity to get out of the mailroom position, I feel the position requires more of a background in a professional office environment. This position requires so much oral and written communication with the accounts, sales reps. and media people that I felt it wouldn’t be the right “fit”.

Best of luck in future endeavors – don’t let a few bumps in the road detour you!

Boy, Donnita's sure mad! Jan pretty much lied to her about choosing someone from outside the company (she said she wouldn't do it) and about the job itself ("I know your brother-in-law was a mediator, but communication isn't a big deal in this job, it's mostly paperwork.")