March 16th, 2003

S&G 1


We made an itinerary for the honeymoon! Here's where we're going
Portland to Yellowstone Nat'l Park - 2 nights camping
Yellowstone to Denver - a few hours (sleeping in the car probably)
Denver to Santa Fe - 1 night in a hotel
Santa Fe to Grand Canyon - 1 night camping (so we can see the sunrise)
Grand Canyon to Vegas - a few hours (just to see what it's like)
Vegas to Death Valley - in the middle of the night! Pretty!
Death Valley to Yosemite - 1 night in ultra-expensive lodging (the nice lodge is almost $400/night! Eek!)
Yosemite to Portland (our longest leg)

It sounds like we'll be in the car the whole way, but we made it so we're not. :)