April 14th, 2003

S&G 1

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Could it be Saturday again please?

It's a beautiful morning. It was a beautiful evening last night. Cory and I went to bed at 7:30 and just layed there and talked and watched the shadows get longer. Then I had dreams about a bomb and all kinds of people and it was weird.

Today I get to be a receptionist. I keep thinking about Corvallis and how I'd rather be there, but I shouldn't think that because I have no idea what work will be like for me there. I think I just want a change, which is dumb - what am I doing in 88 days? Oh yeah, getting married. :P

I have 2 hours before work and I have to take the dog out and shower and do all sorts of stuff (breakfast is almost done). Cory had to go to work today to address thank-you cards for eight hours. He won't be home until 7. It's weird not having him around. I'm not used to it anymore.