May 16th, 2003

S&G 1

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Yesterday when we were waiting for the movie to start, we went to Starbucks, which was right next to a Subway. I noticed one side of their sign when we were driving into the theater parking lot. It said something like "ANY 6" SUB FOR $2 / OH MY GOSH"
And then when we were sitting in Starbucks, I happened to look out the window and see the other side: "ANY 6" SUB FOR $2 / HOLLY COW"

Bend it like Beckham was cute, but had a lot of holes in it. It's a rentable movie, that's for sure. One of the leads was the decoy queen in Phantom Menace, I found out. She looked familiar... but I don't know if it was because of that or because she looked like Winona Ryder.

Yesterday, I crocheted a Whoppers bag. It took only an hour. You see, Whoppers make a tremendous noise, rattling around in their box, and we wanted to make it easier to sneak one of those big ones in. Now we can. It's really ugly too - I should take a picture of it. Cory just lets it hang out of his pocket - it kinda looks like a crocheted beanie all wadded up.