May 25th, 2003

S&G 1

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Last night I rearranged the bedroom, after being inspired by the new pillows we got. :) I moved the bed under the window. And yes, incognita, you were completely right - it made the HUGEST difference! It rained just a bit in the night and it was so comfortable [ack, two ducks just flew by, quacking up a storm] to have fresh rainy breezes come right in on top of me.

Then, a bit after 4am, voices outside woke me up. It was a police officer talking to a couple of people from below us and one over. All I got out of it was that the two were watching a movie in the apartment and then one of them needed the police to take the other home. It was all very calm and quiet - nobody yelled or screamed or anything. In fact, they were so quiet later that I didn't get any info out of them besides the very beginning when the officer was coming up and asking what the problem was. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, but I did.

And then, this morning, the huge zit that had been forming behind Cory's earlobe and lifting it up popped itself. (Seriously, that thing was almost as big as the first joint of my index finger.) It doesn't hurt him nearly as much anymore. Dang, that thing was ugly. :D