June 17th, 2003

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It's going to be hot again today. I can't wait until tomorrow, when it's supposed to be showery in the morning and will barely hit 70.

I really like getting to work so early. I saw someone coming into the parking lot when I got here, but since I've been in the building I haven't seen anybody. It's so quiet. There are designers down the hall, I know, but nobody in my area.

This morning I had really garlicky pizza for breakfast. That was a dumb idea, 'cause now I'm going to have to go around with garlic breath until lunchtime. Oh well. Donnita'll get here half an hour before I eat, so she won't have to deal with it much.

Tonight I'm having dinner, a manicure, and a pedicure with rini! Fun! Where are we meeting, anyway, Erin? And are we having dinner first? I forgot that I'll be able to get over there lots earlier than I thought earlier.
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Oh yes.

We got our marriage license yesterday afternoon!!!

We drove over to Oregon City to get a Clackamas County license, even though you can get one in any county and use it in a different county. But our officiant is going to take it back to the Clackamas Cty. office so we figured we might as well eliminate the guesswork as to whether they'd accept a Washington County license, etc.

We'd already gotten the form mailed to us, which was a big help - we got in and out in just a few minutes. A very short, round lady helped us. She entered us into the computer, and made some cracks about how we're paying $60 so we can't turn back now, and she gave us our "real" license and a commemmerative license, which we need to get someone with nice handwriting (or calligraphy skills even) to fill out for us. When I was little, I used to imagine going to get the marriage license with my fiance, and I wanted him to be right-handed so we could sign the license at the same time and still hold hands. So when we were up there, even though we didn't have to sign anything (we'd already done so when we filled out the application), I grabbed his hand and was very happy. :D

So in 2 days (I think), we can legally be married!