August 10th, 2003

S&G 1

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Today turned out to be Movie Binge Day. More about that later.

I used my bread machine for the first time, to make cheesy potato bread (that didn't taste much like cheese or potatoes). It woke me up at 5am when it started kneading, but it was worth it. Good bread, and hella easy. We had some for breakfast and I'll probably have some more tomorrow. I spent the rest of the morning not getting much done on my crocheted stuffed witch I'm making.

At about 10:30 we decided to go see SWAT. I checked Fandango and noticed that American Wedding was on too, so we decided to see both. SWAT was pretty good - didn't have any romance in it, which was kind of nice. American Wedding was full of slapstick as usual, the same old routine that they've always done. The gay club bit was pretty funny though. We ran to Subway really quickly in-between for lunch.

Then we went home for five minutes, and left again, this time to the Fox Tower to find something else to see. We settled on Spellbound. It was darling - about 8 kids in middle school who were contestants at the National Spelling Bee in DC. My favorite girl didn't win. :( But it was a very cute little movie.

My house is dirty. I should straighten up.