August 22nd, 2003

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This morning a thunderstorm woke me up! I was supposed to be up anyway, though. Cory's going to take Remmy out now so we can stave off the wet paw thing at least until this evening. But yay for rain!! And thunder and lightning in the morning!
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A movie review from

The ring is a very thrilling movie. it is jumpy
scary a hard to figure out. i just bought the movie
and im am telling you i watch that movie every day and sometimes dont even figure it out still.
And i cant belive samara plays the voice of
lilo on lilo and stitch the movie. she is a very evil
little girl. and the movie that inspiired them to
make the ring(ringu) thats has to be scary.
the little boy on the movie is like 5 or 6
and he is so cute and very smart. the nasstiest
part and the most scayiesr part of the movie is when samara
comes out of the tv. that was way way to scary.
anna morgan killed her only daughter. anna morgan had so many miscaragees. so anna and her husband went away and
adopted an evil child.
the video tape will shock you. after you watch this video
you'll get a phone call and the voice says 7 days. the only way you can survive is to make a copy and show it to someone else.
samara just wanted to be herd. so her story keeps going
on and on. how long can you survive,7 days! this movie plays games with your mind and puts disturbing stuff in your head. Its a horror film what do you expect, but this film is different. right when you think its going to be overits really not you still have like 20 more minutes of it. i hope i am never put in rachel kelles position. it s affull. it is bad. rrrriiiinnngg! riinnnggg!...........7days!