August 25th, 2003

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Sunday was an odd mix of peaceful and hectic, all the way up until I got to work at 5:50 this morning.

Cory and I got up and got things together, and I took Remmy out to play while he went to get coffee, and then we set out to Yakima. In Hood River we took the toll bridge across the Columbia and went east up in Washington for a change. We came across Lyle, Washington and took a few shots for lyletavernier. We got to Sportsman park probably fifteen minutes after the reunion was supposed to start, but it looked like everybody'd been there for at least an hour - there was hardly any food left, and everybody had practically finished eating. Cory's aunt spotted us coming up from the parking lot and yelled "hey, everybody! It's the newlyweds!" and clapped and it made me laugh. For the record, it's hard to hug little old ladies gently when you've got a very excited golden retriever attached to one arm.

So we hung around for a little bit and I got to know Cory's... hmm. Second cousin's daughter - what does that make her? Dunno. She's 18 months already. I swear we just found out last week that she was born. How time flies. She wasn't exactly comfortable with us, but she smiled a lot and had a bunch of teeth and the bluest eyes. Cutie.

We would have been pretty disappointed with the way things went - driving four hours to the park, and then having to pay $5 (which we didn't have to do last year and was a surprise - good thing we had cash left!), for the last of the food. But then everybody decided to go back to Wapato to Cory's great aunt and uncle's house for a couple of hours, so we left right after the cake was cut (for a couple of birthdays and anniversaries) to get some quiet time in before everybody else got there.

We went up to the back 40 and looked at the fire damage. I think it was a couple of months ago that almost the entire thing burned - it came from the other side of the ridge and came down towards the orchard. Nothing important (well, fruit-wise anyway) got hurt. I found some charred bones - I think they were rabbit but I'm not sure. We looked for arrowheads but didn't find any. It was really interesting to see the devastation - it used to be full of sagebrush but now it's all just sandy (which Cory said was actually St. Helens ash) and black. Easier to see artifacts, though.

We walked along a bit of the orchards too. I ate a really gritty peach and a couple of apples. Fruit tastes so much better right off the trees (except for the gritty peach but that was my fault for not washing it first). It was nice and peaceful. Remmy and Tucker (the Ryan's old, very dirty dog) walked along with us and swam in the canal next to us, which was nice because Remmy'd gotten really muddy at the park.

When we came back, we had a plan to leave by 5, but it didn't happen. We chatted with people, showed off our wedding pictures, Cory pushed me on the swing out over the orchard, and we played hide and seek and a couple of other games with the kids. By the time that was over, it was 7pm and we were sweating like crazy - it was really muggy and in the mid-80s, and we weren't used to running around like that. At one point, we couldn't find Sara, and when we finally did find her, she'd abandoned her hiding place and was wandering around with a huge bunch of grapes she'd picked off the vine in the side yard. Heh.

So we left at 7 after scarfing down a couple of leftovers, but we were still hungry so we stopped 60 or so miles away and had McDonald's. Cory's knee started hurting, so I drove from Multnomah Falls the rest of the way home. It was 10:30 or so when I pulled up to the apartment, and as I was doing so I realized that I had to work at 6am instead of 8am. Argh. So I took a quick shower to rinse the dust and sweat off, and fell into bed for five hours of sleep.

So now I'm up, I'm just a zombie. Coffee will be had shortly. I'm waiting for the lady who usually works in the morning to call me - she'd left a message at home last night that I didn't check until this morning about how there are a bunch of changes in procedure for the mornings. I don't want to wake her up, though, so I haven't done any work except for making coffee in the last forty minutes. Go me! I'd better go call her.
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The Krispy Kreme down the road from our apartment (well, about two miles away) is having its grand opening tomorrow. I read a news story saying that Cornell is going to be blocked off for a block or two or three because of all the traffic that is expected. Nobody can go through except for drive-through customers and the handicapped; everybody else has to park a ways away and walk in. And this road closure is expected for AT LEAST A WEEK.

I do NOT understand the allure of Krispy Kremes. They're just donuts. They taste the same as Safeway donuts when left out for an hour. OK, so you get 'em fresh. You can do that at lots of little bakeries all over the place. OK, so you might get a free one while you're standing in line for four hours. Whoopee. How much is a donut, a buck? Ooh, you're saving a whole buck just by standing in line for four hours. I just don't get it.