September 1st, 2003

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Three-day weekends always seem shorter than regular weekends. I wish I knew why that is.

On Saturday, Cory was working so I trekked down to Salem and visited Grandma and my aunts and the kittens my aunt Stac has. They're cuties, and it's so neat to see the way their mother treats them. It's kinda sad that it's not love that I saw, just instinct. :) I got more pictures back from Stac, and they look really good. I'll have to scan some sometime soon.

Yesterday, we went to Target twice, and I cleaned the bathroom and the living room, and put Velcro on the couch cushions in a desperate attempt to keep them from slipping onto the floor whenever someone sat there. So far, so good. We watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the evening, and I worked on my coworker's afghan. That thing's never going to get finished.

Today I started cleaning the bedroom and the kitchen, but didn't get very far. Cory worked a bit, and then we drove up I84 to Multnomah Falls. (I wanted to go to the beach, but it's a long way and Cory didn't want to drive. Turned out he didn't drive to Multnomah Falls either, and he only drove for maybe ten minutes on the way back. He wasn't feeling too well.) The exit lane for the falls was backed up so far that we didn't even bother trying to get in. It would have taken us ages to find a spot to park. So we had a picnic at a little picnic spot right off the historic Columbia River Highway, and attempted to go to Rooster Rock State Park but dogs weren't allowed on the beach so we left. All in all, we spent maybe 2 and a half hours out. When we got back, the Globe Trekkers marathon was on so we've been lounging around watching that for the past couple of hours. (Why are they all of Ian? Argh. I want Justine!) I hung up my quilt in the bedroom, too, after quite a bit of frustration. And I framed our pictures of the MAX tunnel under construction, and I hung up a couple of pictures we bought while we were in Santa Fe. They look really good.

I ought to figure out what to do for dinner, and clean up the rest of the bedroom and the kitchen.