September 7th, 2003

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I woke up last night to the rain. I think Cory did too. I whispered "it's raining" to him.

I also woke up last night to a bunch of people talking really loudly as they got out of their car. One guy said "sorry, now I'll use my 20-year-old voice!" (I think in response to people telling him to hush) but it wasn't much quieter than the voice he'd been using before.

Today I get to see rini for the first time since her wedding. We're going to look at each other's wedding and honeymoon pictures and share stories and start figuring out the South Beach Diet thing. We decided we're both going to try it. It sounds pretty good - better than the Atkins, anyway.

Can it please be a three-day weekend again? My schedule for the next two weeks sucks ass:
Monday - Wednesday: 7:30-4 (covering for someone at the front desk)
Thursday & Friday: 6-2:30 (in the mailroom for the rest of the 2 weeks)
Next Monday - Wednesday: 10:30-7
Next Thursday & Friday: 6-2:30

My normal hours are 8-4:30.
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The inside of our car is now spotless. (Well, as spotless as you can get when a dog rides with you a lot.) There was a french fry stuck in the track of the driver's seat, but it'll have to stay like that 'cause I didn't have anything to get it out with. We took the screen off the window and stuck two extension cords out it and down to the ground so I could vacuum the car out with the Dirt Devil we got for a wedding present. It's a nice little thing - really gets the mats clean.

And even though I didn't have much more than an hour before I had to go meet rini, I went to the leasing office to borrow a hose to wash the outside, which hasn't been washed since right before the wedding. There are bugs and Death Valley dust all over it. But the maintenance crew doesn't work on Sundays, so the hose isn't available. (Um, you're the apartment manager, lady, so you have the keys to everything, even the maintenance storage space. But whatever.) So now the inside of our car is clean and the outside is still filthy. Oh well. I didn't even really care until my coworker saw me at work the other day and told me that my car looked... natural. :)