September 25th, 2003


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Last night was a bit weird.

Dream #1: I had to work at 6 (which was a fact) but I couldn't bring myself to leave the little house I was in with all the Seinfeld characters.

Dream #2: I was swimming at the beach with some people and there was a pretty steep dropoff into the water from the shore. I dug myself some handholds in the side of the wall of sand so I could talk to people on the beach, and realized I'd hit plastic. So I looked in through my handholds and there was a parking garage behind the plastic. And there was wet straw mixed in with the sand as I dug, too. I didn't really want to swim anymore 'cause it grossed me out. I told the Asian girl next to me about it, and she held her breath and dove down under the water and confirmed that I was right about the parking garage (I could even see people walking in it) and that there were bars down under the water that separated the garage from the ocean. (Not sure how bars keep water out but whatever.)

My alarm clock beeped every four minutes for half an hour. It sounded really different this morning, for some reason, so I was dreaming that it was a different alarm clock, and I tried to push my head to get it to snooze.
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Guster is on tour again - if anyone wants to see 'em but is too lazy to look at their schedule, just let me know where you are and I'll tell you the date and venue. They're fun to watch, even if you don't know the music that well! (And they're pretty cheap, as bands go - we saw them at the Crystal Ballroom last April for $20/ticket.)