September 27th, 2003

S&G 1

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Trillian's acting up on me. It's weird not having a chat program open. :)

I can't believe how long we slept last night. I feel icky now, all groggy.

Yesterday we saw Once Upon a Time in Mexico and I liked it. I think you have to respect Desperado and Robert Rodriguez to particularly enjoy OUTM. We completely forgot the diet (it'd been over two weeks anyhow) and had popcorn and M&Ms and soda. So now we get back to the healthy stuff.

Today I WILL finish the papasan cover! I only have a bit more to go. My wrist is bothering me, though, from holding the needle and having to pull on it so much. Velcro is tough. I dulled one needle and this one is probably dull now too.

Joel comes tomorrow.