October 1st, 2003


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Our "esteemed" mayor is going to make a visit to our new sister city. Direct quote from dear Katz:

"Bologna is very similar to Portland. Yet... in some areas [it is] far more advanced than us."

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I put the lamb I crocheted on Nena's desk on Monday morning. She got back on Tuesday and I haven't heard from her yet. I was worried that she didn't like it or something, but the girl who sits next to her commented on how cute it was when I saw her, and I just followed a lady into the bathroom, and she said "are you the one who made that little lamb for Nena? It's SO cute!" So that's heartening. I ought to email her and let her know what I made it out of so she's not worried about it hurting the baby - nonallergenic Fiberfill and acrilic yarn should be fine. But I don't want her to think I'm searching for a thank-you or a compliment. :)