October 18th, 2003

S&G 1

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We went to Corvallis today. Ahh. Corvallis in the fall is so pretty. Corvallis is pretty all the time, though, really.

We went with the intention of going to the punkin patch, and to look for apartments. Even though we're not going to move for another almost six months. But we've pretty much decided that we're going to be in either Corvallis or Albany. Which makes me feel a lot better. We talked a lot about it all day while we looked at apartments, and while we drove home. And after we got home, for awhile, until I started reading to Cory. :) But the plan is for Cory to get his work to let him drop down to part-time, and still let him telecommute, because one of the places we looked at is in Albany, right next to Linn-Benton Community College, where Cory's planning on going for about two years. Then he'll transfer to OSU and get his degree in something business-related, possibly with a graphics background. We'll see. So we need to figure out lots of little things, which is hard because so many parts of this situation are variables, and we don't have any idea how they're going to play out.

It's good to have a solid plan, though, even though it's not really all that solid. At least we know the area where we're going (and yay for it not being California!) and exactly when we're going. And I know it's going to be hard, and even something about that makes me feel good. We've been so static in our lives the entire time we've been together. The only big change was that Cory moved from Corvallis to Portland and I moved across town. And that was 15 months ago. So we've had our lazy days, and now it's time to better ourselves and get ourselves prepared for better jobs. And then have a family, though it may not be for another four years. And the question of whether I'm going to get my degree is still up in the air, though I'm not sure we can both go to school and still afford to live. So I may go to a trade school and get my cerfication in something, but I think it'd be better for us in the long run if we both get degrees. Money would be nice, and I'm not opposed to working a little to get a lot, rather than not working at all to get a little. I think we'd both be more satisfied with ourselves if we actually accomplished something besides staying a mailroom clerk, and a graphic designer for a nonprofit company, for the rest of our lives.

So that's the plan. And between now and then we save up money and try to prepare ourselves mentally for this huge change. I'm excited and scared at the same time, but I know it'll turn out good in the long run.