November 3rd, 2003

S&G 1

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Yay for Paul and Artie! The concert was very nice last night. Lots of people there. I cried when they sang "America" and I'm not ashamed. They're freakin' GOOD songs, OK?

Yesterday afternoon Kat and Erin and I went downtown and played. We went window shopping and saw lots of expensive clothes, and we ate at the Ram's Head, and we walked around a lot. I got a bottle of mead at Cost Plus. And then Erin went home and Cory came and we had coffee at Coffee People and parked in the Pearl and walked over the Willamette to get to the Rose Garden. We bought a program, and ogled the shirts that were SEVENTY BUCKS EACH. For a long-sleeved shirt, anyway. Yikes.

Tonight we grocery shopped and have been relaxing, which is really really nice, after such a hectic weekend.

And LJ is being weird.