November 14th, 2003

S&G 1

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Tonight we go to Edgefield!

When Edgefield was built in 1911, it was called the Multnomah County Poor Farm. The people who lived there were really poor, and they all stayed in the main house and farmed and made enough money to live by raising and packing meat and canning and stuff. In 1962, it became a nursing home for 20 years, and 8 years later the McMenamins brothers bought it. Now besides a hotel, it's also got a restaurant, a pub, a movie theater, gardens, a golf course, a winery and vineyards, a brewery, a distillery, massage places, and the neatest murals all over the walls.

Last night we went to Joel and Julie's house, and Julie made us dinner and dessert and cocoa and we chatted and listened to music and had a grand old time. By the time Joel's friend Jared got there with his girlfriend, I was buzzed enough to feel comfortable and talkative, which was nice. Unfortunately we had to leave early because I had to wake up early for work.

So now I'm off. Today will go by quickly. I'm gonna force it to.