November 15th, 2003

S&G 1


Just got back from a semi-busy day and a half.

Yesterday afternoon (the day flew by, which was very nice), I ran home, took a quick shower and packed a quick bag, and Cory and I headed out to Troutdale. It was cloudy but hadn't started raining yet like the weatherman had predicted.

We checked into our room pretty easily, and it was a very nice room - antique-looking with a wardrobe and bureau with mirrors, a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, and our own little pipe elbow near the door! And there were coasters on every surface. :)

We dropped our things off and went to the Black Rabbit restaurant to make reservations, and while we were waiting we got beer and looked around. Dinner was salmon chowder to start with, and then Cory had steak and fingerling potatoes and I had lamb t-bones and polenta. Yum and yum.

Then we walked around the "campus" and stopped at the Little Red Shed to have rum and coke, and went to the Powerhouse Pub and had dessert (and a really yummy drink with hot apple cider and pear brandy and Tuaca) and we walked around to see everything outside and explored the main lodge's fun murals all over the place.

Then we went back to our room and hung out, and read three chapters of Lonesome Dove, and we were pretty tuckered out so we fell asleep relatively early for a night out - 10:30 or so.

It rained all night, but we didn't hear it. In the morning we grabbed our free newspaper and went back to the Black Rabbit and had free breakfast, where the waiter accidentally did his math wrong and severely short-changed us. Once we got that all figured out, we checked out of our room and the guy at the front desk thought we wanted to pay for our room and buy a gift certificate, instead of paying for our room with our gift certificate, so he tried to charge us $340. Once we got that all figured out (and we had a couple of quiet minutes out on the porch in rocking chairs, coffee and the newspaper) we went into the gift shop to buy some things for Joel and Julie for housesitting, and for Mike for the gift certificate, and for ourselves. We grabed a handful of things and started to walk back to the front area where the sweatshirts were, past the check-out counter, and the girl behind the counter said "thanks for comin' in! Have a good day!" Cory grabbed the sweatshirt and we walked back with all our stuff and she was embarrassed that she almost let us walk out of the store with handfuls of merchandise without paying for them. None of the people who work at McMens are apparently morning people. :)

So we got home at about 11 and gave Joel and Julie their gift, and decided to go out to Imbrie Hall for lunch, which made McMen's meal three for Cory and I, but it was still good. We ended up waiting for Jared for a really long time, but it wasn't so bad. Julie was awesome and sneaky, and paid for our lunches for us. Shame on her. :) And she made the waitress put a birthday candle in the apple crisp that I ordered. Heh. What a sweetie.

Then we went to see the Matrix. There were a bunch of punk kids behind us who were saying what was going to happen next until Jared turned around and yelled at them. They were quiet most of the rest of the movie. Which was bad so it didn't matter anyway. I got pretty tired of the blatant and unimaginative Christ references. But anyway.

Now we're home and quiet and Joel and Julie went home so Julie could sleep for her big drive back to SF tomorrow morning. And I'm sleepy too. Which is dorky 'cause I got lots of sleep last night in that big soft bed.