November 22nd, 2003

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I'm almost done deep-cleaning the kitchen. I'm not DEEP-cleaning, it, just deep-cleaning it. I didn't really feel like taking everything out of the cupboards and wiping them down, even though I know they need it. I put the toaster oven up on top of the cupboards since we've used it maybe twice since the wedding and it was taking up valuable counter space. I wiped down the counters and the outsides of the upper cupboard doors and braved the scary stove, and as soon as I rest and let the Simple Green fumes get out of my lungs, I'm going to scrub the floor and the lower cupboard doors. I might do the bathroom too, since I'm in a scrubbing mood, but we'll see. Cory and I need to go to Target and look for a bigger bookshelf for his office area.

La de da. I don't lead a very exciting life. :D

We went Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping today. It was fun. Now I have tons of food that I can't touch for another four days. Hmph. I want to cook now!

If I'm not exhausted after scrubbing the floor, I may make gingerbread cookies. But the dough has to cool for three hours before I can roll it out and cut it, so it may not happen. We'll see.