December 5th, 2003

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I feel much better today.

Yesterday I went home at 11:30, ate chicken soup for lunch and snuggled up with Trout by the fire until I decided to take a nap (which was just after noon). I slept until 2 and laid there for about 30 seconds after I woke up, and then fell back asleep until after 4. It was nice. I felt lots better. Cory went out to Safeway while I was asleep and brought me back some orange juice and a hideous rhyming sympathy card "from Remmy and Trout." :D

So of course, last night I couldn't get to sleep. Hmph. I went to bed, got up and played on the computer, and then went back and tossed and turned for what seemed like ages. And then I slept through my alarm in the morning.

Today is much better. My nose is still icky and I still sound sick, but I feel good, under the circumstances. But there's absolutely nothing to do today. Lisa's gone, so Debbie has to find us something to do. She's not doing too well so far - I asked her almost an hour ago. :)

Tonight we're going to see The Last Samurai, and tomorrow Joel and Cory and I may go to the Holiday Ale Fest downtown. Plus, I'm supposed to play with rini - except I don't know what we're going to do. Erin?