December 9th, 2003

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I'm sleeeeepy.

Yesterday I was asleep by 11, probably, and then this morning I got up at 5 to get ready for work. Cory got up too, to get ready for a war in his game. But his server died and was down all day until about five minutes ago.

I worked, and I forgot to do things, and I was sleepy all morning and drank a lot of coffee, and then I came home for an hour and left again. I met rini at Lloyd Center and we grabbed a really quick dinner and got in line to see Mona Lisa Smile. It was a cute movie. It wasn't quite the movie to make me think of things in a new or different light, but I liked it anyway. And actually, I don't think it was necessarily meant to make me think, I think it was more just a story loosely based on history. Which makes it better when you think about it that way. :)

And now I will put conditioner in my hair and go to sleep. Because I'm sleeeeepy.