December 18th, 2003

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If I ever decide to start up a crocheting business, I'm definitely having Pyper be my sales rep!

I FINALLY finished those stockings. What a relief! I sewed them up at work while nobody was here and spelled one of the names wrong so I had to fix that, but luckily it was the shortest name. And Pyper hung hers up on her cube, and other people have walked by and looked, so now I have orders for ELEVEN MORE stockings for next Christmas! And people are talking about wanting hats and scarves too. Yay for free advertising.

So now that I'm done with these stockings, I can finally do some of the other things I've been neglecting. I'm working the early shift today and tomorrow, so I have a couple of extra hours to fold several loads of laundry that are so wrinkled now that I have to put them back in the dryer for awhile... and I have to vaccum and clean the living room and the bathroom and the kitchen... hopefully I'll get all that done and still have a chance to pack and get the dog stuff out of the car so it's ready for us tomorrow. I thought about vaccuming the car out, but we're just going to live in it for a week so it'd end up looking nasty by Christmas anyway. Besides, the last time we washed the outside was the day before our wedding, so at least the inside matches the outside.