December 29th, 2003

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I feel much better today. And boy am I glad I do. I woke up at 5:45 without the alarm, and Trout ran up and gave me some lovin' until 6. Luckily, I was relatively awake mentally at 6:25, when Lisa called and told me that Marci (the girl that works the phones at 6:30am) was stuck in the snow and since Julie (the girl that works the phones at 7:30) was off all this week she wanted me to go in. I went, and the morning was a little hairy and really busy, but it worked out pretty well in the end. I had my year-end review and only got a 3% raise because that was the top that the company was giving to anyone, which is kind of annoying since we're doing so well as a company, but whatever. I'm not going to be there much longer anyway. :) The review was very nice though. I am loved.

So now Cory is sick. His fever just broke, so he's starting to come down from being too hot. Now I get to be the nurse.