January 14th, 2004

S&G 1

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So we went to Harvey's last night. It was pretty good, actually. The first guy wasn't funny, the second guy was funny at times (but too many racism and Iraqi jokes), and the third guy was pretty good. Which was probably why he was the headliner. :) All three of them liked to talk about pot. I think they thought Portland was mostly high. Maybe they just came from Eugene and those jokes were funny down there. It's just kind of annoying to have one table of stoners scream and cheer whenever someone says "pot."

Anyway, Joel and Julie went outside for a smoke break right before the show and never came back. We still have no idea what happened, and it really sucked that they missed it. They were outside when we came out, and didn't look all that happy. I'll have to ask Joel what happened when he comes over to play the Farming Game tonight. :D

It was really hard to get up this morning. I want to go back to bed now. How the hell did I ever wake up half an hour before I was supposed to leave for work? Now two hours isn't long enough.