February 1st, 2004

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We've had a nice quiet weekend. On Saturday we went to give Mike's cat some love. She's been tearing up the corner of his couch. I think he needs a scratching post or something. We covered the corner of the couch with a throw blanket and will take some tape with us when we go tomorrow to hopefully get her to stop. I wonder if Fred's has double-sided sticky tape that's packing tape-sized. Then we saw Girl with a Pearl Earring at the Fox Tower and ran over to Starbucks afterwards to discuss it. Cory didn't really like it. I think a lot of it was because almost every scene was blatantly trying to be like a Vermeer painting. I said I thought it was because the director was new at directing, and he was used to copying other people rather than making his own style. Turns out it was his directorial debut. Go me.

It was raining when we left Starbucks, so we skipped the taking-the-dog-to-the-big-park-to-get-all-muddy plan and... well, we didn't do much, I guess, 'cause I don't remember what we did after that.

Today we had coffee at the Bethany Starbucks with Joel and Julie. While we were there, a group of baristas ran outside and down to the end of the parking lot with whipped cream containers and sprayed down some poor girl. It was her last day, I guess - someone's mom was there watching. The girl slipped in the whipped cream, too, and bloodied both her knees and one elbow. Nice way to say goodbye. My goodness.

It's been a lazy afternoon today too. I did some laundry, packed up two boxes of clothes I'm not going to use for the next couple of months, and reorganized my dressers, and hung up some new clothes that I haven't worn yet. Oh, and I finished my coworker's blanket that I started probably a year ago. I'm such an accomplished procrastinator. Trouble with it, though, is that it's all misshaped now because I stretched it out as I was working on it. I'm debating whether or not to stick it in the washer and see if it'll fix itself. That might be a good way to get rid of all the dog and cat hair that's all over it. :)