February 3rd, 2004


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Tonight is when we find out if Measure 30 passes. I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't.

I've been reading the little news stories on katu.com and the like, and reading the quotes by people who are voting yes makes me sad. These people are putting their faith into an organization which has made no promises as to how all this money is going to be spent. We've done it before - we've given more and more money to the government, who says "but our ________ neeeeed it!" and then when they get the money they put it towards things like light-rail stop decorating.

I guess all I'm saying is: if you don't know or don't care about how a measure is going to turn out, don't just vote a certain way because the radio commercials are appealing to your emotions. Read about the measure. Read both sides, even. Find out exactly what's going on, and THEN vote.
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(Dallas-AP) -- The Baptist General Convention of Texas says A-M-C Theatres are refusing to accept a 30-second ad timed to coincide with the Ash Wednesday opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

The ad opens with a young man asking, "You want to see the most scandalous story ever?"

Words then flash on the screen: "Betrayal. Sin. Adultery. Greed. Envy. Weakness. Poverty. Torture. Murder." The actor then says, "Redemption."

The black-and-white ad ends with the message, "Now playing at a Baptist church near you."

The Baptist convention's Becky Bridges says A-M-C officials described the ad as "too dark" and "too Christian." But she says, "We followed all their regulations: Not using Jesus, Bible or any other overt God talk." Bridges adds that they also avoided using religious symbols "or other things that might appear to be judgmental or proselytizing."

I'm not sure how they got "too dark" and "too Christian" out of that. And the biggest reason I think that is because of 1)the dark movies they are always playing, and 2) the fact that the people going to see The Passion of the Christ are going to be a bit more open-minded about seeing a Baptist church's ad than people who have no interest in seeing a movie about Jesus.