February 22nd, 2004

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Today seems like a quiet day for everyone. I'm glad we're all getting some relaxing in.

Well, all except for Cory, who's working. But that makes me have to be quiet, so even though it's hard to not talk to him when he's sitting right next to me, at least it makes for a quiet day.

Yesterday I looked at a duplex in Corvallis. It was probably about twenty feet away from a McDonalds drive-through, and right behind a Hollywood Video. It looked like a nice quiet block that was all torn down and replaced with parking lots and businesses; all except for one duplex. It was worth it to check out since it was only $380 a month, but I don't think I'd be able to deal with that. Now if it was a Dairy Queen drive through, I might be more inclined...

I had dinner at Grandma's - salmon soup and homemade dinner rolls. I tend to forget how important it is to keep passing these things down - crochet, making food from scratch... I wish I had more time so I could spend a couple of hours in the kitchen every night and not get tired of it. Grandma told me that she used to bake two loaves of bread and a couple dozen rolls every week for the family. Sometimes I wish that's how things were still done.

Today I may still try to get over to Hawthorne but I doubt it'll happen. I was planning on going with my sister but she hasn't answered her phone yet. She'd better not still be asleep.

And now the microwave's beeping - leftover salmon soup. Mmm.