March 28th, 2004

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Trout's Day, by Trout

S&G 1

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Yesterday: Our friend Mike and his 13-year-old brother P.C. drove around with us into the Gorge. We stopped on NE 42nd and Glisan for American Dream Pizza, and then took the Historic Columbia River Highway to Multnomah Falls. On the way back we stopped at Edgefield and walked around a bit, and then came back to our house, where the boys watched Old School (eww) and we had pasta for dinner. We tried to play Trivial Pursuit but it was taking so long that whoever answered the next question correctly got to win the game. They didn't leave until almost midnight, and I fell right into bed when they left, but Cory had had two cans of Coke so he was wired until pretty late.

Today: We went to Oaks Park! It was SO pretty outside, and even though Oaks Park is kind of small and not very exciting, we had a really good time. We got our pictures taken in a little booth, and we rode some rides together, and played some arcade games, and Cory won me a little ring in a machine, and then we roller skated!! I hadn't done that in a long time, and Cory hadn't done it in a longer time, so it came back to me pretty quickly but not to him. He looked really funny out there. :) We went around 8 or 10 times (I went around a couple of times myself so I could go faster - when we went together I waited for him or I held his hand and helped keep him from falling over) and it worked weird muscles and hurt our feet a bit (old roller skates aren't the most comfortable things) and now I want a pair of roller skates to skate to work on. That'd be fun.

Now we're relaxing. And it's starting to get cool outside and there's nothing on TV and I'm full of dinner and my head hurts but that's OK.

I'd like another Sunday tomorrow, please.